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Haiphong enhances tourism development to create innovative mechanisms

Hai Phong tourism growth is relatively high,  increase of 18.1% this year against 20076 embark on a less than 4 million passengers per year. However, the value of this growth accounted for nearly 3% of GDP of the city, recent signs of decline. For recovery and sustainable development industry does not smoke, in the future, to create innovative mechanisms.

Typically making out tour programs and competitive products

Hai Phong tourism industry is changing in many aspects times by times, increasing infrastructure investment to develop tourism products, tour routes, and promotion. In fact, total capital investment budget to develop tourism infrastructure in the period of 2006  to 2009 is nearly 459 billion project of 15 categories. 

On the other hand, the management and attract investment in tourism sector achieved positive results with 30 projects approved in the city five years with total investment of more than 19 trillion and more than 173 million.

Among them, five projects in operation. In addition, six projects of foreign direct investment which has two projects in operation with such areas as business travel, hotels, golf courses, shopping centers and entertainment ... More 20 projects ongoing preparation procedures with a capital investment project is estimated at 7.5 trillion.

Deputy Director of Culture, Sport and Tourism of Hai Phong, Nguyen Anh Tuan, said the tourism product, the tour, tour of Hai Phong was formed over time, restore the effective exploitation of the relative benefits the resources and marine tourism, eco-city communities.

Many specific forms of tourism are formed as marine ecology, culture and rural research, visit the city. On the other hand, Hai Phong has gradually formed the tourism product in conjunction with sports, culture, business investment, tourism, journalism, tourism, folk ...

Currently the city has six tourist routes: Inner City - Cat Ba, the inner city - Son, inner-Thuy Nguyen, countryside tours online, online-Son Kien Thuy-Tien Lang and internal tourist routes into. In particular, the main tourist route to exploit three types: marine ecology, culture and rural studies; visit the city.

Two marine eco-tours to Do Son and Cat Ba is considered to be key, exploit the most powerful and most effective, attracting mainly, accounting for two thirds of domestic and international visitors to Hai Phong. Tourists, especially foreign tourists very popular eco-tourism, community, to the point known as the Cat Ba Lan Ha Bay, Vietnam Hai, Xuan crowd, park and cave system, beach.

Recently, a number of international cruise ship port of Hai Phong to open up opportunities for developing country tours. International visitors are very excited to visit and learn about cultural values and traditional village famous, are directly involved in activities with artists to create products for the souvenirs to tourists.

The tourism industry is exploiting the city three country tours online to Son, Kien Thuy, Tien Lang, Vinh Bao, Thuy Nguyen. In particular, some visitors preferred to be a relic Nguyen Binh Khiem Program Status; Temple Bao Ha, Dong Minh City, home of the puppet show and customized.

The cooperation remains shortcomings

Scores are recorded most of Hai Phong travel through time and fast product is formed tour more. But look deeper to easily detect the poor, may have strong brands, especially not have many tourist routes linked to local regional and national. In another aspect, many folk festivals in the area is quite unique with its own cultural identity, attractions, but has not been promoted well, including festivals in Do Son Buffalo fighting.

On the other hand, one of the barriers Hai Phong travel difficult integration and further development of businesses that participate in the tourism sector small-scale, decentralized, lacks a connection. The city has no tourist enterprise-class brands and international areas. Meanwhile, business activity markedly seasonal nature, the peak season tourism phenomenon tamponade guests, arbitrarily raise the price of the service ...

One of the things that are of public concern, time travel Haiphong attract more investors to develop tourism projects licensed in a row. However, the evaluation of departments such as Planning functions - Investment Resources, Environment, Culture, Sport and Tourism, the projects also fragmented, patchy, many projects are delayed or not implemented.

Work planning tourism development is slow, weak management plan plus state management on tourism investment and development-synchronous, with heavy administrative procedures and supervise the investment and in the process major project ... It shows that show the business environment and investment travel is still restricted, there should be changes in the next stage of development. /.

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