Haiphong Tourism

The 3rd Lion Dance Contest of Hai Phong City

Following the success of the  Contest Unicorn - Lion - Dragon Hai Phong 2nd in 2010the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism decided to hold the Contest Unicorn - Lion Dragon 3rd Hai Phong in 2011This is one of the leading cultural activities within the Week of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Hai Phong 2nd in 2011 held from 23/10 to 28/10/2011.
Contest Unicorn - Lion - Dragon full of Hai Phong this time, the presence of strong teams are living on the cityan activity of the high mass was held for two days 24/10 and 27/10/2011 at Opera House Square. You can see more in Vietnam Travel AgencyThis special event is a great attraction for all classes of people, tourists and the mediaThe event promises to bring vibrant, colorful folklore, reflecting the characteristics of Hai Phong city.
With the enthusiasm and professional teams Unicorn - Lion - Dragon will bring visitors and foreign performances uniquemost impressive.

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