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Seal opening ceremony at Linh Tu Temple in Thuy Nguyen District

On the occasion of lunar new year 2011, an opening ceremony of Lunar New Year was held in Trang Kenh Ward, Minh Duc Commune, Thuy Nguyen District, Haiphong city. This is the 2nd year of the activity held concurrently with the opening set in Nam Dinh province contributing to promoting the beauty of cultural and spiritual activities.

Linh Tu Temple in Trang Kenh was built from the bottom of the Mo Vit (duck mouth) mountain, where General Tran Hung Dao direct military commander for the team, using a secret surprise attack on the fire burned much of enemy ships in the battle of Bach Dang Nguyen in 1288. The ancients said that, in the Gaya-Channel placebo, the army of the Kingdom (Tran Hung Dao) have crossed the river discharge, marched along the side of the river, the soldiers are transported to rubble to make way.

About the land between two mountain deer and Ang Market (the campus of Hai Phong Cement Factory) is a broad valley is about 2 ha of Tran Hung Dao army general headquarters plays forward, preparing for battle " strategic decisive battle "on the Bach Dang River. Tran Hung Dao arranged for infantry teams in the Mountain Guide, mountain duck, Ang Mount Union, Mount U Bo ...

In this place, Tran Hung Dao was wrong to close several rafts containing flammable substances to assess the fire. After the victory over Yuan, Chen aware of the location of the land Thuy Nguyen in the national defense strategy should be particularly mindful of the village in this area. Specifically: King Tran stripping rewarded my work and sent many middle managers direct the village in the Gaya-Bach channel.

Hung Dao Vuong returned several times to visit the old battlefield and sent his son is the 5th Tri Hung Vuong the way people save canopy set up the village last. Even the first year of opening the festival held on the occasion of full moon in January edition of tiger, the festival attracted the attention of the majority of the people of the city, tourists and pilgrims come to begging.

Opening is set early spiritual traditions of our nation's demand for an international move, expect a prosperous new year, good weather, all the administrative information and convenience. Restoring Bach Festival and the opening set, "Chen Dynasty" is one of the traditional education of patriotism, fight against invaders of his father and conservation, promote cultural values and goodness of people nation.

By Hai Phong Newspaper

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