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Tu Luong Xam Festival - The heroic tradition over the time

Common sense of tourists to the Permanent Salaries are from the quiet, peaceful. Food From ancient look of soul Fraudulent make people feel relaxed, peaceful. Ancient trees hundreds of years in the blind cluster roots removed as time keeping focus.

Each tree, water wells or the image of self, of the ring, double crane, the bell ... the word can be "told" to visitors about the area in association with the German national heroes Ngo Quyen Vuong.

The main festival takes place from Luong Xam from 16 to 18 January each year with thousands of visitors attending. Before Tet Tan Mao to now, although not the main festival from Luong Xam but every day, hundreds of users to burn incense and visit these historical sites.

Pham Van instrument players from this year to 74 years old, born and raised in the village of Xam Bo. Specifically said: "At the time baby, each instrument was adopted father many times to attend the ceremony. That day, from not being built spacious and beautiful as now, but villagers Xam Bo, from dignitaries such as district general, chief of ... the people are proud and eager to be on economic, From ceremonies.

Presided over the economy, the ceremony was "a strong cult." Those who want to make "strong cult" to kill buffalo, khao village three days. All the villagers from the elderly, children, adults, children have no money to eat grass. " Legend, the day before the region from just a green field, coastal sand.

When Wu Wang was stationed right here, people north of the bridge from the venture out to sea to bring soldiers pile into play, extending from the South to border Zhao Liang Fraudulent ... Since there are 4 wells in the well known " emerald eyes, "in which the two wells and two wells at the door from behind.

Always climbing climbing in well water, because of Ngo Quyen Vuong troops dug for use as drinking water ... just try to know, from Luong Xam very sacred, the things in the word are lost, stolen or transferred last go the same return as well. You can see more in Vietnam Travel Agency.

As aromatic plants are very fragrant double door front hall is a guest brought from Laos in 1970, followed by war, by the improvement from ..., wandering through the 3 provinces of Hai Duong, Nam Dinh, Hung Yen now return. Sometimes the lights were stolen, a buy, offer to bring back the word ... In the American War, a naval unit to close, train here. Later, the officers returned from burning incense and said the unit fought through many battles, but all returned safely ...

Older people remember the events of Peak wall Bach Dang victory in 938 or history from Luong Xam, in particular, the historical events and also events legend. Young people today such as Pham Van Lap, Vice Chairman of the South Sea are attached and proud tradition of their homeland. Along with wards Nam Hai and An Hai district, he joined the management, repair and renovation since.

Since 2007, after being classified by the State "Historic architecture-art national level", would be repaired several times from tens of billion, with the capital budget and capital due to human socialization people's contributions, including thousands of square meters of land. Many offer to the horizontal, sentences, DOORS ... In 2010, Hai An District Development Center merit all classes of people contributed to the building of monuments and German King Ngo Quyen expanded from campus, has inaugurated a period.

Luong Xam from spacious, spacious and beautiful, commensurate with the stature of historical national level. Earlier, the management of specific transport elders from the village, ward People's Committee has assigned management of the South Sea. From 2009 to now, the scale festivals from the Hai An Luong Xam organizations, as well as an opportunity for cultural activities of people in the county and attract tourists everywhere.

From Food to Xam, people like Ms. Dao Thi Thuy Lien Phu Ward in District or she Kien An Hoa Dao Thi Kieu paint in residential areas, wards are doing, Hai An all feel proud. Many leaders of the central city and to burn incense, planting memorial tree in the Internet. Day 18 - 10-2010 past, Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung memorial tree planted in front of campus monuments Ngo Quyen Vuong. Grade class today the younger generation in mind, proud hometown tradition.

According to Mai Huong - Hai Phong Newspaper

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