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Hai Phong cuisine art is reputed in nationwide and worldwide

That is confirmed by professional chefs Association of Hai Phong and Hai Phong Tourism Association at the ceremony honored chef Hai Phong called "moments last year," Tourism Association has been organized in Hai Phong.

This is the first time a program honoring chef Hai Phong held in Hai Phong Travel time to receive the program to host National Tourism Year 2013. Professional Chef Association of Hai Phong is a place of gathering of 115 highly skilled chefs are working at restaurants, major hotels throughout the city as well as some members are the owners of a number of bonus points cuisine.

In recent years, the Association has been participating Brest Sea Festival dishes Hai Phong introduced in France. July 2010, the Association has joined the tourism industry to participate in international festival and Vung Tau has won highest. You can see more in Vietnam Travel Agency.

Week in Sports Culture and Tourism of Hai Phong first was held in late September 2010, the Association and representatives of restaurants, hotel banquet held successfully in 1000 rising food celebration 1000 years of Thang Long-Hanoi and Vietnam established record "party with the most different dishes.

"In honor, professional chef Association of Hai Phong will affirm efforts, determined to bring unique features cuisine of the city's United flame to the people in the country and the world. In addition, the Association will be holding cooking classes for free and create jobs for poor children, family policy. On this occasion,

Association of Hai Phong professional chef opened a site's own electronic world chef at Port City: www.daubephaiphong.com./.

By Haiphong Newspaper

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