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Spring Holiday Festivals in Hai Phong city

Like every year, in the early days of this spring 2011 New Mao, Hai Phong lands, racing festival takes place throughout the village, with many rituals and folk games, traditional food characterized, yin and yang, growth, such as plowing, charged water procession, procession rice mother, procession of the gas, Mr. Bo pig parade, wrestling, running stone and materials requirements, boating, swinging, dragging, cock fighting, dropping bird ...


The reform of economic structure since the reform was accompanied by changes in society, and impact of religious activity - traditional beliefs. Temples, shrines family was restored, reconstruction and renovation throughout. The expression of faith in Buddhist rituals, folk beliefs tend to increase.

Mao Tan Tet occasion of this, besides the ancient, spiritual well-known from the past such as: Canal Du Hang Pagoda, Pho Chieu pagoda, temple Dong Khe, Da An Pagoda, Pho Minh Pagoda Temple, Drawing, Dong Shan Temple, Hao Quang Pagoda Temple, RS Khe Hong Phuc Pagoda Temple, the U.S. Specifically, Phuc Le pagoda, temple Cao; to the job, Ms. De Temple, Phu Thuong Clips, Phu Xa Temple, temple, Tran Quoc Bao, Xia Li Temple, the Temple temples, shrines newly restored magnificent temples such as Phuc Thang (Tien Lang), the King memorial home Mac (Kien Thuy), Cao Linh Pagoda (Anyang), the spirit from the Holy Church Channel Trang Tran and King Le Dai Hanh (Thuy Nguyen), Long Hoa Temple (Elephant Mountain - An Lao) ... People are always busy on the line.

People attend our first year is a good direction, for happiness and fortune, hope to see good, avoid evil to themselves, their families, communities, people move to the national security, peaceful galaxy. Since Eve until now, most of this sacred place from early morning to late at night is always in the "horse-cars such as water, clothing as wedges." Have blocked the road, exit rules, people still waiting to turn fun into the ceremony, something rarely quarrel, brawl.

A new feature of spring in Hai Phong is the festival this year in the temples, shrines, village temples worship national heroes have against invaders such as the temple, Tran Quoc Bao (Minh Duc - Thuy Nguyen), Temple Gam (Toan Thang - Tien Lang), The Food and gray, black Phu Xa (Hai An) ... attracted the attention of numerous pilgrims.

But where there are still phenomena hexagram draw card, write, burning votive too much, landscape and environmental hygiene sleazy, causing traffic jams (Ba De Temple), frigid landscape carved beggars beggars clinging pilgrims suggest compassion cloud considered sacred (to hear )..., but compared to some years ago, the festival this year in Haiphong are organized quite basically, more thoughtful and disciplined more. New features and more popular temples in the worship service is due partly explain why offering help to people with less insecurity and anxiety in daily life.


Maybe not in that house She Great (Son) again attracted pilgrims from all over the country to attend the winter as this year. Almost all of the vacant land around the junction between Ms. Thau Cambodian temple gates are to be requisitioned for beach parking for pilgrims. Anyone ever attend Temple Tran (Nam Dinh), Assembly Perfume Pagoda (Hanoi), Ba Chua Kho Temple Festival (Bac Ninh) ... they will feel the air "holidays" are gradually formed in the Ba De Temple Festival sacred.

Meeting people to Temple Ba (Ba De) not to borrow money, do not care for rap but just ask God promoted her little buds drop, filter cloth only. Meeting people to the temple to pray She's Empire ruling animosity three conciliators, as well as remove all the hidden injustice miss encounter in life. Folk believe that time passes, the rope stone mortars were lost, the power of God she devoted to the good people of good will, so the rescue workers.

Attend the ceremony on Ba De Temple this year, pilgrims, especially the elders and those who are interested in the marine environment are very glad to see firsthand a lot of fresh sardines are sold to specialty and Sea Travel Son as crab, squid, clams, sea snails, oysters, prawns, green mussel ... purchased as gifts for visitors. Not so happy when sardines seemed to be extinct now appearing suddenly revived. Sardines name is "fishing time" of fish meat delicious, fragrant, but more bone - "Time fishery humiliation remains fine and rare."

Son of elderly people in the media that the sardines in the ecology of brackish water, but they spring back in Australian Literature "paid tribute" to the "Sea Mother Son" - God and father of her fisherman - Chu Dong Tu . So people in the region were "legacy and fortune" of the form, the team that you enjoy aquatic species.

Strange and interesting things are at sea, the Son from the temple door to Mrs. De Van Uc estuary where high concentrations of sardines before they converge at the upstream of rivers flowing through Hong Kong in the temple Chu verbs (from commune to commune, Tan Chau Chi Tan Khoai Chau district, Hung Yen province) to lay.

Sardines lived at the center, just eat the plankton, live in large herds and are very sensitive to ecological conditions. Under the old fisherman, the duration Khoai best new fishing at night, ranging from 12 to 2 am and at the time of the lunar calendar in February.

Every day that heavy rain with thunderstorms, full of bubbles floating on the river would make a lot of fish, while the cold, wind pigs may, very well try to earn a mile, sometimes even to carry on not grid . Conversely, Son mainly fishermen earn more sardines in January - the time is the most delicious meat and sardines, also at the end of the season that this child belly full of eggs so thin, light meat compatibility.

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