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Discover Haiphong Spring Holiday

On the occasion of lunar new year officials and public employees are a long holiday than usual. This is an opportunity for families to organize trips in and out of Spring City, and even travel abroad. Travel agents and tourist area famous spiritual preparation for pilgrims and local people visit. Rural areas in Hai Phong is also busy holiday season.

City tours

During Tet, the sights are numerous religious people and tourists to find. Cultural tourism city welcomes tourists from all over to learn a series of houses, temples, the temple has a long history of well-known nationwide as the home goods channel, to hear, Du Hang Pagoda, Pho Chieu pagoda, Chua Ve ...

In the inner city, next to the bustling streets of the old streets with bold European architecture with French colonial villas and tree-lined streets are pedestrian favorites. Downtown strip with a series of tourist attractions starting Hai Phong Museum, the cathedral, the city theater, flower shops, monuments and female general populations Le Chan.

The land of many temples and pagodas

Son to the festival is coming up with pagodas, temples. Where are visitors to cross at most temples She Empire (Empire East Amazingly she Zheng Princess Lady) in Ngoc Hai, with a spring festival activities for the new year prosperity. Church to hear a record in the First Ward of Ten Thousand Villages, where the beginning of the Do Son Buffalo Fighting Festival is also the destination of the majority of the people and tourists with misconceptions as not to come to hear Son.

Next is the mark of the Mount Nam Hai Royal Oil also known as the Geriatric Mental island kingdom. Temple festival's official seal on the lunar calendar in February 8,9,10, but immediately the day after New Year, people and tourist pilgrims, especially the Son of people have visited the temple practices. In the spring, the Son, the festival is held in many temples like Temple (Van Son) Family Ngoc (Ngoc Xuyen), the temple has nine (Ngoc Xuyen), Hang Pagoda (Van Son) ...

Tour programs for lucky, healthy and prosperous prays

Out of the inner city is the trip to the village. North America has cast the same village (Thuy Nguyen), a village south of Allied wood sculpture, puppet making Nhan Hoa - Nhan Section. This is the cradle of our country's puppet art. But perhaps the Lunar New Year, the first selected point is certainly historical, cultural beliefs known. In it, a relic in Vinh Bao Trang Trinh Nguyen Binh Khiem; family's Section, Family Pub Concept; in Tien Lang is Gam ... Temple. Kien Thuy is in the King memorial home Mac.

Many other rural areas such as Hai Phong An Lao, Anyang, in the spring of residents and tourists seemed to be bathing in the air festivals, folk games. An on Aging is on the Mount Elephant, Chi Lai Temple, Kien Thuy about the opportunity to attend wrestling with Kim Son, Assembly paddle pool, go pretentious Clothing Section; on An Ocean mix with wrestling was held in the spring many commune in Ngo Duong brush pool (An Hoa) ... In the Raw Water storage areas many festivals and folk games such as swings in early spring; handful at the Crystal Theatre, Easter ceremony.

With the fringes of the city, residents and visitors can contact the Center to promote tourism development in Hai Phong (Tel: 0313. 569 600) for advice, service.

Fringes of the early

Lunar New Year, many travel agents as Vietravel; Hai Phong, Song Nguyen, Vietnam Dragon ... more turbine design needs a long spring travel. Dragon Travel Vietnam tour introduces "spring travel fair visit" 2 flights departing per day on 7 Tet. With time 2 days 1 night with nearly 15 vehicles on the route serve plain black shoes-Temple-Tran-Phu Pho Minh Pagoda (contact: 0902.242 325) at a price of 800 to more than 1 million depending on the time point.

Travel agents travel travel tours to build many spring and abroad with diverse choices for travelers. Hai Phong branch Vietravel Offers spring tradition as "Tray Assembly of the North" from 2 to 4 days price from 600 thousand to nearly 1.3 million; "The Central" or "Crossing Vietnam."

Vietravel representative Hai Phong Nguyen Thi Hien said the number of tourists enjoy the spring registration on the rise, especially on the occasion of Tet. In addition to the traditional spring tour travel, Vietravel offers "Du spring-winning four diamond" of Hanoi to address thousands of years of civilization, the name of their ancient capital scenic, tourist source ...

In particular, New Year holidays, many tourists choose to participate in programs abroad, "Exploring the world together Vietravel Haiphong" to point to the scenic spots in China, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia . There are also tours visiting relatives associated with the destination is Western Asia, Europe, America

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