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Vietnam - a Different Orient, a brand new slogan

The Vietnam Administration of Tourism (VNAT) yesterday bestowed first prize to a logo and slogan “Vietnam – a Different Orient”, which will be used as a new logo-symbol for the National Tourism Promotion Program over the 2011-2015 period.

The designing team of the Cowan Vietnam Company which won the prize expressed happiness during the ceremony in Hanoi.

According to the Organizing Board, inspired from the star in Vietnam’s national flag, the new logo shows the reviewed vitality of a newly-emerging Vietnam with its unique national identity, while the slogan reflects the uniqueness, independence, and new vision of Vietnam – an attractive destination in Asia.

The second prize was given to the slogan “ Đất nước của những nụ cười” (the country of smiles), and third prize to “ Việt Nam – Sự tự hào châu Á” ( Vietnam – the pride of Asia).

After 4 months launching the contest, organizers received 413 entries from 223 designers, both domestic and foreign.

This contest is aiming at having a logo-slogan which can explain clearest the development strategy, the attraction and the competitive advantage of tourism in Vietnam.

The contest, jointly held by the VNAT and the Viettime Media Company, also looks to promote Vietnam’s image to attract more international visitors within the framework of Tourism development program in the 2011-2015 period and the development strategy of Vietnam’s tourism for the 2010-2020 period.

With the new logo and slogan, the tourism sector targets to raise the number of foreign visitors by 10-15 percent and that of domestic visitors by 15-18 percent in 2010-2020.

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