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Palace of Culture Youth and Sport, 45 Lach Tray, Ngo Quyen, Hai Phong.

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Hai phong is located in the delta of the Red River. It is approximately 100 kilometres from Hanoi, the Vietnamese capital, and serves as the primary seaport for the northern region of the country.
Haiphong has existed as a significant port city for at least several centuries, and was one of Vietnam's principal trading centres. When Vietnam was invaded by the French, the city became France's main naval base in Indochina. After the World War II, when Vietnam attempted to regain its independence, Haiphong was the site of the first military action undertaken by the French, being shelled by the French heavy cruiser Suffren which resulted in more than two thousand casualties. Later, in the Vietnam War, the city was subjected to heavy bombing by USAF B-52's and strike aircraft due to its status as North Vietnam's only major port. After the war, the city was built up as a significant industrial centre.


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