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Peace Tour Company

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Overview of Peace Tour Company

Ladies and Gentlemen

Vietnam, an exotic land filled with diverse scenery, intriguing culture, and a rich, fascinating history, is waiting for you. With PEACE TRAVEL, let's come to Vietnam to meet hospitable people, discover traditional culture and history, visit World's Culture & Nature Heritage Sites and relax on beautiful beaches full of sunlight all year round.

Our mission has always been to continually improve our product by providing knowledgeable and professional services; we do this with integrity to satisfy our guests' needs. We aim to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction through the practice of our core values: kindness, hard work, integrity, constant improvement.

With this small brochure, we are delighted to send you some basic tour programs. We hope you will contact us for more detailed tailor-made itineraries. PEACE TRAVEL is looking forward to welcoming all of you.

Sincerely yours,

Diep Kim Tuan

Director of Peace Travel

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