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Opentour Jsc - Hanoi

Opentour Jsc - Hanoi

Tel: (84-24)37171818

Fax: (84-4)37171525

Email: man@opentour.vn

Website: http://www.tour.dulichvietnam.com.vn

Overview of Opentour Jsc - Hanoi

Opentour Jsc (Vietnam tourism – Open Investment Joint Stock Company) provides tourist services in Vietnam. Our head office is located in Hanoi capital, we cooperate with Sinhcafe travel under Opentour - Sinhcafe trademark in Vietnam

Our market is from budget traveler who have a chance to join daily typical tours with others, to traveler who wants a customized tours, personalized service and a high quality product, who want to go where they want to go, do what they want to do and have the travel experience they desire.

Our head office is based in Hanoi, the capital, the center of culture, politic and economy of Vietnam, with a team of nearly 80 well-trained employees varied from 20s to 50s, the combination of youth and elder, managed by a high qualified and experienced management board, Opentour - Sinhcafe has perfected itself and expands from a local company into and National corporation operating in tours arrangement, hotels and apartment, offices for lease, restaurant, air ticketing, car rental, investment, etc.

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