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Marguerite Junks

Marguerite Junks

Tel: (84-33)62734823

Fax: (84-33)37225869

Email: info@margueritejunk.net

Website: http://www.margueritejunk.net

Overview of Marguerite Junks

We are proud to announce MARGUERITE, our new outstanding 3-star standard boats are officially launched on 12 January this year.

As a fresh, dynamic and professional cruise team, we are delighted to introduce our two fabulous Halong bay cruise tours itineraries.


Our cruise tours features:

-         Divine wooden ancient style design with fully furnished 12 deluxe rooms, 30-seat restaurants, bar, 26m.6m sundeck and various modern amenities ensuring the most comfort at hand.

-         An off-the-beaten track route that allows private moment far from the crowds

-         Mouth-watering food and drinks onboard, Vietnamese and International cuisine

-         Excellent customer service, delivered by cruise manager on board and a friendly professional crew to ensure the service quality

-         30-min-bus-pick-up guarantee


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