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Overview of IndoChina Incentive House - Toan Vinh Tours

 TOAN VINH Company Limited is one of the successful businesses in Vietnam. Since its establishment in 1994, we have been specializing in  TOURS & TRAVEL. In the recent years, to meet the regular inquiries for information on Vietnam's import and export market, we have engaged in providing business consulting SERVICES for foreign companies that have demand to import and export goods from and to Vietnam.





A land with beautiful natural landscapes, rich culture, traditions and customs – with cordial and hospitable people – a country with a history of 4000 years is delighted to welcome visitors.

In the shape of S letter, stretching the Indochina Peninsula and bordering the East Sea, Vietnam consists of three main regions:

North Vietnam with capital Hanoi & Its Vicinities charming for it’s old beauty and culture of thousands of years, Ha Long & Northern Coast splendid with the natural wonder of Ha Long Bay, the Northwest and Viet Bac regions majestic with the imposing Truong Son Range, home to many untouched villages of Vietnamese minority groups.

Central Vietnam with Hue & Central Coast stunning for it’s numerous sandy beaches and mysterious caves, with Hue as the ancient capital of the last dynasty of feudal Vietnam, poetic with the landscapes and thoughtful with the old imperial citadels, royal palaces and mausoleums, and Dalat & Central Highlands rich in fauna and flora.

South Vietnam consisting of the industrial Saigon - Ho Chi Minh City, the Southeast Region and the vast Mekong Delta green with rice fields and tropical orchards, with a crisscross network of river arms and canals. Due to its geographical location, excellent beaches can be found in three regions.


Viet Nam, in the past was torn by devastating wars, suffering poverty. Now this country has great changes and is adapting itself to the world. Nowadays, in Vietnam the everyday life is still decorated by various scenes: from rural scenes of meek peasants working on rice fields with simple labor tools to the bustling scenes of big cities with modern facilities and comforts. But here, wherever you stay, in a luxury hotel of a big city or in an inn of a small town, you will be certainly welcomed in a manner that hospitality shows its entire meaning.

As for Vietnamese cuisine – the cuisine will surely be happily accepted by any person who is hardest to please – but it cannot be described in words – please savor it.

Come and see Vietnam, a small country with a big heart!

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