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Flamboyant Travel Company

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Overview of Flamboyant Travel Company

Flamboyant travel agency should be sent to you, our customers appreciate the greeting and best wishes! Dear guests HoaPhuong Travel was one of the pioneering center in the travel business in domestic and international Haiphong. We gave customers more choices about travel destinations, competitive pricing and quality service brings a new style.

The number of tourists increased over time, we joined the tourists to build the image of a Flamboyant Travel with confidence today, loved by customers.

When plans for a family vacation or business trip with colleagues. Customers can call for information HoaPhuong travel to prepare for your trip. We are committed to always meet the requirements of the customer, giving you the best service and help you overcome the obstacles of different languages, cultures and lifestyles to take the tour cheerful, relaxed.

The first occasion in 2011 we are honored to introduce to customers a number of tours of the Year.

Glass is eager to serve you in the travel itinerary.

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