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Website: http://www.cholontourist.com.vn

Overview of Cholon Tourist

About Cholontourist

Over 20 years in the travel sector, Cholontourist has incessantly made her mission is to bring the world closer to Vietnam than Vietnam and give people explore the world and push back any distance space.

Millions of missions around the world have the same Cholontourist learn culture, history and landscape of Vietnam. Millions of other delegations from Vietnam has set foot on new land with many Cholontourist.

We never stop in the journey to build new and quality assurance services, building systems at reasonable prices to continue to fulfill its mission.

Meet friends, experience the grandeur of nature, enjoying the unique food, explore cultural exchanges indigenous. Cholontourist bring what you want in one trip.

Our Business Company

    * Outbound tour professional.
    * Inbound tour professional
    * Tour combination of business travel
    * Tour of beach resort
    * Cultural tourism
    * Adventure tour
    * Outbound package tours of Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, China, Singaburg, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonetsia ...
    * Airline Tickets Domestic and foreign.

Special Company we design and offer high quality tours at the request of the customer!

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