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Flamboyant Island Project


The Flamboyant Island is located in Do Son – Hai Phong, a famous tourist area in North Vietnam. It was the entertainment and recreation place for the kings and high ranking officials in the past. The Flamboyant Island not only inherits brilliant and pretty scenery of Do Son but also creates its own pure, unique and elegant beauty.

The Flamboyant Island lies in Van Huong Bay, which has been a famous place for ships and vessels to avoid storms. With its special terrain, climate in this region is warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

- 300 m far from Do Son Casino
- 3 km far from Don Son Seaside Golf Resort
- 10 nautical miles (18km) far from Ha Long Bay by high-speed train
- 20 km far from Cat Bi International Airport
- 22 km far from the center of Ha Phong City
- 90 km far from Hanoi Capital by highway 120 km/h


The Flamboyant Island has a total area of nearly 60 ha. It’s designed into a luxurious resort community with the first 5 star hotel in Hai Phong and about 150 villas for sale. The Flamboyant Island is divided into 5 regions representing the 5 petals of the flamboyant flower and the central region representing its pistil.

* Apollo Villa area

- Area: 47,910 m2

If Apollo is a sound-mind, talent God of Light, Truth and Art, Apollo villa is a spacious, luxurious and precise place. 56 villas are located on a land facing the sea in the front and poetic mountainous view of Do Son behind. The lake and green park right in the center of this area create one ideal living space for people keen on a peaceful landscape.

- The villas area: from 403 to 622 m2
- Villa model: Saint Basque, Ashley

* Poseidon villa area

- Total area: 61,941 m2

Poseidon, the powerful God of the Sea, “who quakes the earth.” His power and capacity dominate in every villa here. Locating along the main road with the width of 12m, this is the most convenient villa area for the traffic. Nature is airy and romantic, clouds run endlessly. With a boundless beach, the lapping of the waves dissolving into a whisper of the pine forest on the hill, 61 Poseidon villas are valuable gifts for anyone that knows how to enjoy his life.

- Area of the villas: from 495 to 654 m2
- Villa Model: Saint Basque, Ashley, Malibu, Simonetta

* Helios villa area

- Total area: 75.884 m2

Helios, God of the Sun, a powerful God using a metaphor to express potential power, energy and brilliant values of Helios villa area. The Helios area is next to the 5-star hotel, harbor, and seaplane landing place. Moreover, Helios has various natural beaches which are built to serve residents in the Flamboyant Island. This is a large area with 50 of the most luxurious and splendid villas. Some villas are facing the sea to welcome the gentle breeze while others are looking towards the flower garden. Helios becomes an absolutely beautiful petal in the overall Flamboyant Island.

- Villa area: from 503 to 937 m2
- Villa model: Malibu, Simonetta

* Eros area

- Total area: 63,475 m2

Eros area includes villas for lease, a marina serving residents on the island, and recreation places such as: a club, sport house, large-scale swimming pool, medical aid station and kindergarten. Nothing is more enjoyable than having our body served by perfect caring service in fanciful light and scenery of the sea and sky in Do Son.

* Zeus five-star hotel

- Total area: 80,028 m2

* Perspective view of the five-star hotel

Zeus is the king of Gods; Zeus area concentrates every super-utility serving personal purposes of the Flamboyant Island owner: harbor, water park, seaplane landing space, and airport. Zeus hotel area is also the only place having gentle waves which are appropriate for building a natural beach. Located beside the beach is a five-star hotel with 28 stories in the shape of a sail filled with wind. The unique and modern structure of Zeus hotel is the most outstanding point on the Flamboyant Island.

* Trade center

* Perspective view or illustration of the Trade Center from Newlink Gallery

Center of the project is the pistil planned to be a trade center and food street having modern two-storey architecture with a wavy Teflon (ETFE) roof. This is a recreation and shopping area for residents on the island or an ideal place for holding conferences.

Type of investment

The project of planning the Flamboyant Island has been approved under Decision No. 419/QD-UB dated February 26th, 2003 by People’s Committee of Hai Phong City together with other villa areas including Apollo, Poseidon, Helios to permanently own Zeus five-star hotel and rent the Eros resort area for fifty years.

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