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Rules for participation in the program "Hai Phong - "Rendevouz travel

Rules for participation in answering quiz in "Rendevouz in Hai Phong" program.
1. Title: "Rendezvous in Hai Phong"
2. Period: From June 01, 2011 to December 31, 2011
3. Requirements for participants:
- All people from around the world who have a valid ID card or passport, a personal email box or cell phone (to answer the questions via SMS to the operator 8508).
- Members of the organizers and judges are not eligible to participate in the program.
- Organizer keeps the right to refuse participants if fraud or violations.
4. Forms of participation
Step 1: Visit the website: http://www.dulichhaiphong.gov.vn
Step 2: Select menu "Rendezvous in HP"
Step 3: Find "question this week" and choose one of the two answers
Type your prediction on the number of participants who have the same answer with you.
Select the "Continue to participate"
Step 4: Register and/or log in (if you have created an account before) to complete the personal information form on the website.
Step 5: Choose the answer button (Submit).
For each question, you may give maximum of 3 answers thus, kindly check your answer before sending. The system will record your answers. The quiz for each program will be automatically locked in 6 hours before the broadcasting of the next “Rendezvous in Hai Phong” issue.
5. Condition to win the prize.
- You must answer correctly the main question.
- You must predict the correct or closest number of participants who have the right answer to the main question.

- Where more than one person has the right answer predict the same number of participants, then the person who gives earlier answer will be winner. The Organizing Committee will base response times recorded on the system to decide.

6. Prize structure

In each quiz, the organizer will award a prize to the winner.
7. Procedures for award
- The Organizer will announce the award on “Rendezvous in Hai Phong” program which is broadcast in Hai Phong Television Chanel (THP) at 20:15 every 2nd and 4th week of the month and send the confirmation to your e-mail.
- Winners’ information is also updated on www.dulichhaiphong.gov.vn and www.haiphongtourism.gov.vn

- The Winner is required to bring along his/her identity card (or passport) to claim the prize. For viewers who answer the quiz via SMS to the operator 8508, the Organizer will base on the response message of the operator for comparison confirmation.
8. Award receiving adress:

Hai Phong Tourism Information Promotion Center
No. 18 Minh Khai street, Hong Bang district, Hai Phong city
Tel: (031) 3569564 - (031) 3569600

9. Other provisions
- All prizes are not eligible to be converted into cash
- The winner shall bear all costs incurred (travel expenses, accommodation, transport, income tax (if any)) to receive their prize.

- Members of the organization, officers, employees Tourism Information Promotion Center, Hai Phong Television Station, VNPT Hai Phong and other personnel who directly involve in the program are not allow to participate in this program.

- The organizers keeps keep the right of using the names, photographs and information of the winners for the purpose of tourism promotion without paying any extra costs.
- The organizers may change with a prize of equivalent value, in case the announced prize of the program cannot be implemented.
- The organizers do not bear any parts of the winners expenses related to receiving the prizes.
- Within one week after the notification of the winner, if there is not any feedback, the organizer has its right to use the prize for other purposes.
- Effective duration of the prize (tickets, shopping vouchers ...) is specified on the prize vouchers. After expiry, the awards will no longer be valid.
- The organizer may refuse to give award if the winner fails to meet the above requirements.
Any questions, complaints related to the program, please contact the organizers via e-mail info@haiphongtourism.gov.vn or telephone (031) 3569600.

The organizer has all rights to make the final decision.
You can also participate in answering the quiz by composing an SMS message and send it to number 6558 with the following contents:
DHHP is the program code
X is the order of the answer of your choice (1 or 2)
Y is the number of correctly answered questions
Then send a message to 6558
6558 System will have a response message to confirm your answer, in case viewers compose correct form:

The message should be: "You have chosen X answer for questions of this week and predict Y number participants who have the same answer with you. Look forward to viewing the result in Rendezvous in Hai Phong program which is broardcast on THP channel on every 2nd and 4th week of the month.
Good luck! "