Haiphong Tourism

For backpackers

For backpackers

As a major tourist center, Haiphong has strolled around the beach, the resorts and popular entertainment and abroad. Many of the services - tourism in the province of Hai Phong has been built, upgraded international standards.
Do Son Beach

Do Son beach in a sunny afternoon.

Center of Hai Phong city about 22 km east of south, between the estuaries and rivers Van Uc and Lach Tray, Do Son peninsula reaching out to 5 km east sea. Do Son beach is divided into three zones each have the beaches and mountains, quiet woods. Zone 1 runs to the beach and coastal services. Zone 2 is the mansion used to be resting place of King Bao Dai, last emperor of the Nguyen Dynasty. Zone 3 is a small architectural appearance so long as the temple called Pagodon. Especially the end of the peninsula is hilly terrain on which the building, culture is built in Gothic architecture is beautiful. This area also has relics. Engineering services meeting international standards are not as relics of wharves, Hon Dau Resort, Casino Son ...

Bach Dang River

A section of Bach Dang River.

Located in the northeast about 20 km from downtown, the Bach Dang River is famous associated with resounding victories in the history of foreign aggression against the people of Vietnam. Every year on the history of the river is usually held the contest beyond the traditional pool of Bach Dang river.

Elephant Mountain

As a diversity of natural populations, the highest mountain in the north of Kien An, Lach Tray River. At its foot is the church Long Tien Le Chan, a famous female general in the revolt Hai Ba Trung, who founded the village of An Bien, Hai Phong today. Mount Elephant has many beautiful caves: Cave Red, gongs hang, hang carp, Hang ... Elephant Mountain is south of the South created, the north is the North Star.

Cat Ba tourism point

Cat Ba - Cat Co beach
From land or Son, tourists can travel by train or by highway to the island and visit Cat Ba National Park, Cat Ba Island, Ha Long Bay is located adjacent to the mountain with hundreds of small floating islands should the immense sea. Cat Ba Island is a large national park with pristine tropical forest plants store a variety of rare trees and animals; the limestone inherently interesting caves; the beach is natural to create, inside the blue sea calm waters in the islands; the stream flows on the slopes, Cat Ba is the convergence between the forest to the sea. Forest and sea blended together to create an incomparable landscape.

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