Haiphong Tourism

Traditional Villages

Hai Phong has over 60 villages with 20 different types of vocational training is largely traditional handicrafts, many villages were formed hundreds of years, such as lacquer sculpture Bao HaDry puppets making Nhan Muc (Vinh Bao), sedge mat paving (Tien Lang district), the rattan weaving Chinh My My Dong of metal casting, metal forging Pingtung (Thuy Nguyen district), First Islamic terracotta, bamboo and rattan Tien Cam (An Lao district). But with the volatility of economic, social, many villages in Hai Phong has faded, lost. So far the city's 31 villages are still maintained and developed, including 17 traditional villages, 14 villages of 25 new communes, wards and townships, focusing on the job: Bamboo and Rattan, Map residential carpentry, sculpture, lacquer, engineering, rice, transport services, fisheries, ..

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