Haiphong Tourism

Nothern Cam River Route

From the south moved north, crossing the bridge Binh Thuy Nguyen is a land rich in both natural beauty and humanity, the land associated with the glorious history of the country is winning Bach. Some relics are not only historical value, but also as works of art as architecture temple, Tran Quoc Bao, prejudice Bai, Dong Li family. There is both a landscape monument, has historical value as salary hang, hang the king, legend of King Hung Vuong church of 18 ...

Notably Channel Trang resort - Vietnam Khe famous - known as the land of Ha Long Hai Phong with many historical, cultural - art, many revolutionary relics, scenic places ... The this monument is located in the scenic area to create a cultural tourism, eco-appeal of Thuy Nguyen Hai Phong in particular and general. To Thuy Nguyen, tourists can hear singing dum, play golf or boating on the river Gia ...

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