Haiphong Tourism

Countryside Exploration

Route Kien An - An Lao - Tien Lang - Vinh Bao: Along 10, southwest of the city is rural with beautiful natural landscapes, fields of floral display bowl with the ancient village Tonkin, the cultural tradition of excellent, the area has a long history, which preserved many historical and cultural traditions of the ancient customs, which are:

Relic slide Nguyen Binh Khiem in Vinh Bao District, where the beautiful natural landscape, the culture of the East bold cultural origin of Tonkin with the characteristics of wet rice civilization, a country rich in traditional historical and cultural systems.

It is the kind of old houses with tile roof typical nose, the house is very typical Vietnamese style as your home Security, Employment Section, Pub Concept ... The house is not only valuable historically, but also as works of art unique architecture.

Elephant Mountain Relic An Lao district, reflecting the mountains stand down Lach Tray River is a scenic and is also a place associated with many myths about the Mac dynasty, about Pham Ba Rim, the insurgents BA Binh, the guerrilla Elephant Mountain is famous for many virtual Karst caves like cave:

Carp, carp, Bat Cave, Chiang hang, hang drum, with the Red, the Snow White, the Nam Cao, also Polaris .. with the historical culture, temples and shrines in the temple looks like the United Long, La Vong temple and scenic tourist attractions .... every place has an exotic beauty with a separate area as do classic style appealing to the rich historical landscape Elephant Mountain. In addition, where there are villages bearing deep structure RRD.

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