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Cat Ba Archipelago Routes

To the east of Hai Phong city is Cat Hai district (founded in 1977, based on merging two Cat Hai and Cat Ba district), city center 60 km under the sea. These resorts have special significance not only for the development of Hai Phong tourism but also for the development of regional tourism travel and tourism northern country. Come to Cat Ba Island, guests enjoy the fresh air of the forest, watching the sea and mountains with many fascinating caves to tourists.

In particular, Cat Ba national park and biosphere reserve in the world. It has a forest, just a sea with abundant resources, beautiful scenery and variety of rare animals and plants. Hang on Cat Ba island is very rich, each row has a different beauty, creates paintings of natural wonders, vibrant make viewers lost in the realms. The most typical is as, Central Page, the Gia Luan Thien Long ... like shape with stalactites, like looks, very nice.

Cat Ba region have natural beaches like: Cat Co I, II Cat Co and Cat Dua, Mr. Cat, Street Name ... the beach is pretty small, private, white sand, sea water with high salinity, through to the bottom. It also has many beach shrimp, pink beach fishing, scad, seabream; a tortoise breeding farm mats. Under the foot reef coral island also has many precious seafood such as abalone, pearl oysters and shrimp dragon.

It plans to build here the 'water palace' to direct visitors can observe dolphins, lobsters, turtles, squid, sharks wandering inside the red coral. At low tide beach with two (they krill) is regarded as 'sea chicken', flesh firm and sweet than the abalone. Tu baking dish lemon juice comedy became indispensable delicacy in coastal pubs.

Cat Ba has Lan Ha Bay - an island located in the east bay Cat Ba Island - a quiet bay ang arc of about 400 islands make up a giant picture of the scene portrayed. Other than Ha Long Bay, the island of Lan Ha are covered with trees or vegetation. A peaceful waters with the small fishing village to live as separate from the rest of the world.

There are hundreds of small golden sand, lovely and desolate as the "green Strait" invites visitors to explore. Here where tourists can dive coral. The stalactite cave, the dotted breaking characteristics of the population of Ha Long is also present in Lan Ha, that hang Ham Rong, hardness, hang Both ... flickers in different clusters is a peaceful island village of cages type of regional specialties such as cobia, two, abalone, grouper ...

To Lan Ha Bay, one can go through Cat Ba National Forest, home to many precious animals including rare species of white-headed langurs and delivery needle forests. Pass the top of Ngu Lam, at the end of the journey is a Vietnamese fishing village customs, an unspoiled fishing village of Cat Ba island, where visitors can discover many interesting things about a fishing village north of ...

With its full potential, Lan Ha Bay and Cat Ba Island has special significance not only for the development of Hai Phong tourism but also for tourism development of tourist center of Hai Phong - Quang Ninh , north of the tourist areas and the whole country.

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