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Shopping in Hai Phong

Each time to visit, tourist or working in a place that, upon returning each usually choose their own gifts and their specialty is local. Haiphong has many more things that can be offered to visitors.

In the inner city, along Tran Phu you will see a lot of souvenir shops with traditional handicrafts such as silver ornaments, ceramics and jewelry.

In Hoang Van Thu street along with clothing shops and casual clothing all categories. Nguyen Duc Canh Street is a haven of these shoes. You can freely choose for themselves satisfied with an item affordable.

Cho Ga is one of the largest seafood market in the country. This is a convergence of all these species, delicious fresh seafood in the area famous.

Center for it's distribution of clothing, candy for the provinces of the northern plain. In addition to that is a famous iron market with steel products, machinery and electronics.

Fashion exotic can be found somewhere around the streets of Hai Phong.

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Shopping in Hai Phong

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