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For a long time , many people consider food to Hanoi , Hue cuisine with many unique , sophisticated , delicate but very few people talking about food Haiphong - a port city northeast . But that does not mean there is no identity... View more

Hong Kong Restaurant

Trung tâm thông tin xúc tiến du lịch

Instead of having to take China, Hong Kong, now you just won a little bit of time in the day to enjoy the full food colors, flavorings.
Brand Hong Kong First Kitchen comes in Haiphong and is now available in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh.
For large areas, extensive menu, Hong Kong First kitchen meet the diverse needs of customers. Hong Kong Kitchen First floor 4 PARKSON, Ngo Quyen, Hai Phong is not only to enjoy delicious food, beautifully presented but also the ideal place to watch the whole scene from Hai Phong City above.
From raw materials such as beef, chicken, duck, fish balls, seafood, fungi through the hands of talented chefs who have years of experience studying, researching in the field of food at Thailand, China, Hong Kong cuisine of the First Kitchen offers diners the unusual taste.
The food at the restaurant in Hong Kong First Kitchen, which is extremely picky, especially the selection of food, with the motto of all because the public health, the food is fresh guarantees. A combination of spices, cooking in the restaurant's own secret Hong Kong First Kitchen will give you the unforgettable impression.
The special dish of the restaurant kitchen as the First Hong Kong: Hong Kong seafood hot pot with a block and a block cay cay; mushroom hot pot Hong Kong Duck successful original code ... mushroom hot pot dishes are not only Hong Kong more than 30 kinds of mushrooms you but also full of ingredients like chicken, beef, seafood ... Just from 150.000đ - 250.000 VND may be enough for 2-6 servings.

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Hong Kong Restaurant