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Intimex Minh Khai Supermaket

23 Minh Khai St.

Derived from the functions and duties of a state-owned enterprises, for nearly 30 years in Hai Phong City, the 80 years in Hai Phong Intimex made responsible for receiving non-trade goods, grocery be taken from the socialist countries and the former Soviet Union via Hai Phong port for distribution to the Commercial Company (the Company Commercial, Encyclopedia of old) in the northern region under the direction of Company and the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Ministry of Foreign Trade at do.Tu late 90s, after the events of the country's businesses as well as the U.S. economy moved to a market economy, Intimex overcome Haiphong difficult to develop business from import and export of machinery, steel, raw materials for manufacturing ... through activities clearance services, receiving goods through the port, sales agents ...

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Address: 23 Minh Khai St.
Phone: 04 3 9423529
Email: intimex@hn.vnn.vn
Website: www.intimexco.com
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Intimex Minh Khai Supermaket