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Black Rose Bar Coffe Karaoke

373, Nguyen Van Linh Le Chan District

It's only because my friend caught in on camera that I've disclosed this.

But what better way is there to be cool and look fun than to put $2 in to sing an awful karaoke song in front of a group of your partner's co-workers whom you just met in a bar you'll probably never go to again in a city that you don't live?  Sign me up!

And I will admit this place was fun.  Cute decor, comfy couches, a photobooth (which, sadly, went unused by our group) and nice staff.  The crowd was pretty diverse and the singing, while atrocious on all accounts, provided for some good laughs and people-watching.

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Address: 373, Nguyen Van Linh Le Chan District
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Black Rose Bar Coffe Karaoke