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People and architecture have intimate relationships with each other. Intellectual, creative talent of people have created structures - art. On the other hand, the product architecture reflects the cultural conception of life, the universe and respond to the challenges of human nature. It can be said, noting the architecture of life of people with an emotionally honest way.
Hai Phong, rich and beautiful land, where the non high, wide sea, deep river, is one of the birthplace of the culture of traditional architecture of Vietnam. Picture house floor is carved in a number of artifacts found in the Hung Vuong Vietnamese relics of Khe Dong Whatever (Thuy Nguyen), Nui Voi (An aging) ... is considered the blueprint reviews The first structure built of Vietnam. Recently, archaeologists at the Museum of the city to coordinate with colleagues at the Institute of Archaeology organizations Canal excavation site Trang (Minh Duc town, Thuy Nguyen) has found traces of a building Trang channel architecture of today's dating from 3400 years ( 100 years). It is a system of holes of a house buried columns, column diameter of each hole buried from 25 to 30 cm wide. No doubt, the ancient canals, not only know these precious jewelry is very delicate, but also to create structures of wood, with bamboo and stones fairly complete unique. The style brick tomb was found in Han Road in the hill slopes Thuy Nguyen architecture like miniature palaces, magnificent, superficial world. The material is mainly of broken bricks, tiles grapefruit zone arranged in an orderly and scientific uncertainty. Surround his tomb built in the style, just like the architecture of European castles of the Middle Ages, the Gothic-area schools. Ceramic decorative schemes mainly use embossed box, Van Chien, office address bar and coin "Pentateuch" Western and Eastern Han period. Look at the ancient tomb, filled with serious intensive architectural mystery, can immediately recognize that: These works are healing a bit, do not stop to follow a blueprint that is available. Sepulcher architecture that emphasized conservation school.
Under feudalism, in Hai Phong, next to the building citadels, palaces, tombs, there are religious architecture such as temples, towers, houses, temples and shrines ... except for some court by manic construction is recorded in history books, but mostly donated by the people, to contribute up.
Ly-Tran, after the glorious martial arts, domestic political stability, economic prosperity has provided the basis for architecture flourished in the area of ​​Hai Phong seaport. King Ly Thanh Tong Hung temple tower built on top of non high wall at Long Son aims to record the win, "accounting for" National education and positive (Buddhism) in the estuaries social rules fouling paint. Tower 15 floors high, overlooking the sea horns. Over the ruins, we see the tower walls Long large-scale architecture is built on each level, lower the hillside. The foot is still a massive stone tells of the muscular trunk diameter from 60 to 70cm. Though at the beginning of the Nguyen Dynasty, the tower's architectural material lifted brought into construction of Hai Duong town, but there are still some vestiges of terra-cotta as the first blades, broken bricks, pieces of the tower, pedestal, I like ... are carved, decorated elaborate floral supplies, foil dragons, phoenixes. In particular, the bricks to build the tower is inscribed in letters dating marks are very precious material for dating the start time and finish up the work.
This period, the revered Buddhist, Buddhist temples were built, usually outside the green bamboo. Typically, the Longhua Temple (Elephant Mountain, An Lao), Ba Danh (Tra Phuong Kien Thuy), Thien Vu, Shaanxi Khe (Thuy Nguyen), Dong Khe (Ngo Quyen), Yuhang (Le Chan) Do Houses (Tan Tien, An Hai).
Mac Dynasty, 16th century, at the famous Hai Phong Duong Kinh architecture. Mac dynasty built many palaces, the floor, citadels in their homelands, mainly in paragraph commune, Kien Thuy district today. Contemporaries praised the diameter of Thang Long minimized. In addition to the Mac Duong Kinh period (1527 - 1592), also appear in Hai Phong city a bustling river port giang that the stone was inscribed as Minh Thi Hoang Lot, Street Ro Road Thung Street, Sesame Street (Tien Lang), Lower On (Vinh Bao), Oil Town (An Hai), old village (Xuan Dam, Cat Ba) ... in urban giang this port consistent architectural markets, home station, shops, boutiques, consistent growth to become the economic center - culture - society of a vast rural areas. Architecture ramparts the Mac is quite rich, diverse, has a carrying capacity as a political capital - the main paragraph (Kien Thuy), have brought into military defense functions, such as black (Lien Khe , Thuy Nguyen). Into the Mac in Xuan Dam commune, Cat Ba has the task of a coast guard station soldiers, a border customs station. Unfortunately the buildings are being destroyed Le Trung Hung, burn and flatten, the remaining traces of very faint.
To the village of Hai Phong, visit the house, temple, ancient temple building people admire traditional architecture ancient sculpture, hand dexterity, clever minds, passionate hearts of many artist has left us for today and tomorrow many buildings - the mood of art and cultural infiltration of Vietnam. The architecture is also excellent art are made of ironwood tree resources. The peak of architectural and sculptural decoration on the architecture of the buildings seem to be focused on building the architecture. Architecture is always higher the wide, open space than is usually not need a wall flap, all the weight just piles up put down firmly on the foot stone platform. Temples, pagodas and shrines in Haiphong, each rafter usually 4 column called "quartet of legs." The specified width of the foot of our home. Look at the size of a home as Kien Bai, Dong Li (Thuy Nguyen), Yuhang, Every Channel (Le Chan), Dong Khe, Phoenix France (Ngo Quyen), The Forest, Mini Concept, Human Resources Section (Vinh Bao ) shows the width of the house is the base width of the space, facilities spacing between the pillars, columns and the height of the column is closely related to the slope of the roof. Frame alignment architecture is ingenious wood, just romantic tips, without the participation of some iron. The roof architecture accounts for two thirds the height of architecture, wide-spreading and spreading down effect against sun, rain and wind-resistant, hurricane.
The value of the home village of Hai Phong has so far left in the period dating from the late 17th century to early 20th century. The oldest is Kien Bai (Thuy Nguyen), Quynh Cu (Hung Vuong Ward, Hong Bang district), home goods channel (Le Chan district), Central Administration home, Lower Section (An Hai). Large, the surface is home goods channel, Dong Khe, An Bien, Nhan Hoa, Quan expression, Dong Li, Lin Tu, An You. Carved decoration is fussy home goods channel, Kien Bai, Quan expression. Every family can channel the ancient dragon on 500 kinds of very lively. Bai Dinh Kien full of fun folk scene. An unique as your home system complete with stone columns, sized no less the ironwood columns. Dinh Cung mortise only be 36 but still full of the departments of architecture, training curve.
Temple architecture in Haiphong was developed in the 16th century, represented by the relics of Tra Phuong Hoa Lieu, press left, General Tra, Minh Thi, Ha Long, Central Administration, The Bach ...
Architecture is the birthplace and preserve the art of carving and decoration of ancient peoples. It is the facilities and environment for such work exist. Vietnam is ancient architecture with organic relationship with the natural landscape, they are blended together to form a unified body. The architecture of ancient Vietnam was formed from the following major factors Magnitude (port) - walled courtyard - garden - the lake (pond) - House. Surface architecture, simple, rectangular Ding, owner, is complicated by the layout "of the country", "Thiem identical buildings message" many buildings along the horizontal array.
Hai Phong port city on the path to innovation. The banyan tree, water stations, pavilion, roof, ancient temples, moss, Vietnam is still the familiar image in the eyes of the people and international friends. Conservation of architectural monuments - the ancient art is the responsibility of our history.

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