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Award athletics and lack of Hai Phong

Fromt: 16/03/2013

To: 17/03/2013

Location: Ngo Quyen Dist., Hai Phong

Organisers: xbxh


Award athletics and lack of Hai Phong

Award athletics programs in the field in Hai Phong University Sports Festival 2010 has ended. But the number of athletes participating in too low, not high-quality league as the organization of chaos difficulties encountered by fear to say: lack of funding.

Looking through the list of participating athletes and BTC, one not from startled by the number of athletes participating and the number of members of BTC, the referee almost equivalent. According to BTC list, with 74 athletes participating, including an athlete ineligible and were excluded.

In the 15 districts in the city there were three units not involved including Cat Hai, Bach Long Vy and Vinh Bao. Of athletes of the participating units are also not uniform, many local athletes tournament-style election take rate. Only Le Chan, Ngo Quyen district and two Kien Thuy, Thuy Nguyen having 10 or more athletes to participate in solutions.


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