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Hon Dau Resort

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Overview of Hon Dau Resort

Hon Dau Resort is 10km far away from the intersection of 5B express highway and Pham van Dong Road and one hour from Hanoi by car. To leave the noise and stuffy of the urban environment in Ha Noi and the surrounding provinces and cities behind, it takes a short time to reach Hon Dau Resort to enjoy the nature of the sea. It is an ideal place to develop the sea tourism services such as sea ecology, conference - tourism, scientific research, convalescence due to the hidden charm and verification of ecosystems of forest, sea and plenty of seafood.

Come to Hon Dau Resort, you completely wallow in an ideal space which is harmonious between the open nature with lakes, trees and spaces of sea and mountains. Pine trees whisper soft and low and green all year round, which helps owners of villas feel to live in the romantic highland in Da Lat.

Hotel and restaurant system earns its three or five star international rating. Trade center, health care services, entertainment center for kids, sporting center, golf nimi-course, yacht club, fishing club, boat race club and security system 24h/24h ensure guests to enjoy a high ranked, convenient and luxurious life.

Endowed natural beauty which is never seen in any where in the northern of Vietnam, Hon Dau Resort is virtually a paradise for convalescence - entertainment and a deserving award for owners of villas located here.

Planning: Hon Dau resort with an area of more than 100ha is designed by many famous internal and external architects. Its space structure is flexible and harmonious among natural terrain, sea and entertainment activities. Main landscape structure bends in the sharp of the mountain, hugs the sea and mountain, which makes guests feel to stray into a natural forest.

Resort consists of an area encroaching the sea to widen the Hon Dau island of about 54 ha (Zone A) and an area encroach the sea to enlarge Do Son peninsula of more than 60 ha (Zone B). Encroaching area is protected by firm embankment with two layers. The first layer is designed to ensure the construction items in permanent status, the second layer is 100 m far away from the first layer and surrounds the project to protect absolutely it from the effect of severe storms at 15 – 16 level. The safety of the encroaching project is carefully inspected by foreign surveyors in order that this regional-scaled encroaching construction works can last permanently with the time. 

Vision: With a target to become a new and modern ecological resort and tourism center of regional and global stature, meet well the sustainable development principles and promote effectiveness of tourism potential of Do Son - Hon Dau Island, and a fantastic and safe destination of all internal and external guests.

Resort villas are all located near the Sporting center, 5-star luxurious hotel complex, filted -sea water beach, unique net beach and fountain performance area... With the construction density of 35%, the maximum height of the villa is 15m to ensure the green space besides green pine forest and blue seashore.

Landscape: Hon Dau Island is remained in the original stature with immense primeval forest. New construction not only has no impact the ecosystem but also elevate the landscape. Big construction works is alternatively located with the green space. Nam Hai temple is repaired and entertainment center is located far away from this holy place so that its inherent quiet is not impacted.

This is a big project with a target of becoming a global ecological tourism center. Therefore, to realize this target, it is essential for the Owner to call for the cooperation of internal and external investors who have strong potential in finance and experience in development of international standard tourism real estate projects. At present, Hon Dau resort has been finished the infrastructure part of encroaching items extending Do Son peninsula with an area of 63 ha, in the coming time, Water Park, human-made beach, natural beach and restaurant are constructed at the same time… As a result, secondary owners can invest in constructing works such as deluxe hotels, villa, performance centers, maritime creature world, tourism port…

This is a golden opportunity for the Owner to affirm the rank!

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