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The establisment

The establisment

Hai Phong is a port and industrial city in northern Vietnam and is a coastal city in northern coastal areas, was one of 28 provinces / cities coast.
Hai Phong is one of five central cities and an urban center of a national level, the third largest city of Vietnam, has an important position in economic and social security, national the regional office and country. As a port city and the main gateway of our country's vital sea, is an important traffic hub of key economic region of Tonkin, on two corridors - one economic cooperation belt Vietnam - China. Haiphong is a traffic hub in the North Sea.
With the advantage of deep-water port should be shipping very developed, and is one of the growth of key economic areas north. As the economic center - scientific - technical synthesis of the northern coastal region and is one of the central development of the northern key economic region and the whole country. (Decision 1448 / QD-dated 16 / 9 / 2009 of the Prime Minister). According to the census date of 1/4/2009, the population of Haiphong is 1,837,302, of which the urban population accounted for 46.1% 847,058 people, 990,244 of the rural population accounts for 53.9%.
Hai Phong also known as the unofficially known as the City of Red Flamboyant (formerly planted by the city of phoenix trees), the port city (this is not the official name popular in the North before 1975 by then Haiphong is the largest port city of Vietnam Democratic Republic) or component (for a brief period after liberation in 1955 the north, named for Hieu)
Haiphong is the headquarters of Navy Command.
Headquarters of the Command of Military Zone 3 in 8 Command
Haiphong has many industrial, commercial and service centers, tourism, fisheries, education and health of coastal northern Vietnam.

  • Population information

    Population information

    Population informationTotal population: 1.837.302 peoples (2009)Density: 1.218,781...

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    Geographic location

    Geographic location

  • Weather & Climate

    Weather & Climate

    Climate conditionsLocated within the belt of tropical monsoons of Asia and adjoining the Eastern...

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    Regional map

    Haiphong city is very easy to find on Google map and other tourism map of Vietnam, the best way...

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