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Name of Haiphong and the founder of Haiphong city

Name of Haiphong and the founder of Haiphong city

Le Chan is a person who founded An Bien village, the predecessor of Haiphong city. She had An Bien, Dong Trieu district, Kinh Mon, Hai Duong province (An Thuy commune, Dong Trieu district, Quang Ninh province presently) as native land.

          Her father was Le Dao, a teacher, and a medicine person. Her mother was Tran Thi Chau. Our country in her period was dominated by Dong Han. Chinese Governor To Dinh wanted to marry her as a harem because of her beauty and good characters. Her family protested and she had to hide herself in a sea-edge village of An Duong, Kinh Mon. Failing to marry her, To Dinh forced her family to die unjustifiably and killed Le Dao. Nurturing the will to avenge him, she and other families founded An Bien estate, its former name, to set up a revolutionary base. For 10 years, she had collected volunteer soldiers, heroes, accumulated rosemary and trained hard to revenge her family, and save the nation.

          In 40 AD, Trung Sisters (Hai Ba Trung) insurrected. Le Chan and her volunteer soldiers followed Trung Sisters, the insurrection succeeded, she was nominated "Chuong quan binh quyen" and "Tran thu Hai tan" (second highest -ranking mandarin of the court after Trung Nhi Binh Khoi Princess) and then she was also conferred Thanh Chan Princess.

          In 42 AD, Ma Vien, a Dong Han general led a great navy  and land army along Northeast line to repress the insurrection. She directly led the people and troops to fight against the enemies, causing them lots of losses. However, because of unfavorable situation, she had to withdraw the troops to Me Linh base. At the end, Trung Sisters killed themselves, she and her troops still continued to resist violently. Due to the disadvantageous situation and having become exhausted, she dumped herself into the river to keep her virginity intact.

          After her death, a temple was built in her commemoration in Ma region by An Bien people (Nghe temple today).

          Her statue is located in front of the City Exhibition House, in the range parks of the city center.

          The statue, made of bronze of 7.49 m high, 10.09 m plus its pedestal 19 tons weight, and only the feather on her top head is 0.7 m high, is the second biggest one in Vietnam after Hung Dao Vuong Statue in Nam Dinh. The statue can stand firmly in winds at 13-14 levels and earthquakes at 8.5 richter scales.

          The statue in a position of a hand leaning on a sword, expressing the bravery of a new regional founder and heroine with gentle face was casted by Haiphong Brass Casting Company and donated massively by citizens and Overseas Vietnameses.

          The statue sample, which has been designed by two artists Nguyen Phuc Cuong and Nguyen Manh Cuong,  has been chosen from the national contest of which more than 40 works for 4 years (1996-2000).

          The statue took only one night to set up and inaugurated on December 31st 2000, the last day of the 20th century and welcoming the first day of 21st century.

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