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About Hai Phong

About Hai Phong

Hai Phong is a port and industrial city in northern Vietnam and is a coastal city in northern coastal areas, was one of 28 provinces / cities coast. Hai Phong is one of five central cities and an urban center of a national level, the third largest city of Vietnam, has an important position in economic and social security, national the regional office and country. As a port city and the main gateway of our country's vital sea, is an important traffic hub of key economic region of Tonkin, on two corridors - one economic cooperation belt Vietnam - China. Haiphong is a traffic hub in the North Sea. With the advantage of deep-water port should be shipping very developed, and is one of the growth of key economic areas north. As the economic center - scientific - technical synthesis of the northern coastal region and is one of the central development of the northern key economic region and the whole country. (Decision 1448 / QD-dated 16 / 9 / 2009 of the Prime Minister). According to the census date of 1/4/2009, the population of Haiphong is 1,837,302, of which the urban population accounted for 46.1% 847,058 people, 990,244 of the rural population accounts for 53.9%.

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